Coronavirus can spread before people have symptoms_1

More than 10 percent of people infected by the coronavirus is infected by somebody who has the virus but does not yet have symptoms…

This is according to infectious disease researchers at The University of Texas at Austin who has been studying how quickly the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can spread.

They found that the time between cases in a chain of transmission is less than a week and that more than 10% of patients are infected by somebody who has the virus but does not yet have symptoms.

Scientists from the United States, France, China and Hong Kong look at the time it takes for symptoms to appear in two people with the virus: the person who infects another, and the infected second person.

Researchers found that the average serial interval for the novel coronavirus in China was approximately four days. A serial interval is how long it takes for infection between people to spread.

According to the researchers, the short serial interval of COVID-19 means emerging outbreaks will grow quickly and could be difficult to stop.

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Source: The University of Texas at Austin via

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