Cardi B reveals natural hair on social media_1

Cardi B has showed off her natural hair in an Instagram video.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker wears wigs in a variety of different colours, lengths, and styles when she’s out in a public, so her fans have rarely seen her natural hair.

However, on Friday, Cardi showcased her long, voluminous curls in a video on social media. In the clip, she can be seen stroking her locks, displaying her long, multicoloured nails in the process, and admiring how long her tresses have grown while wearing a white robe before a shower.

“Look at my hair, this is deada*s my fking real hair… yes, let me wash it. Wow, I’m so proud of myself,” she told her followers, as running water could be heard in the background.

To explain why she was so proud of her curls, the 27-year-old shared a throwback photo taken four years ago when her natural hair barely touched her shoulders.

After washing her locks, Cardi posted another video showing her in the middle of a styling session. One half of her hair looked like it had been blow-dried while the other had been straightened into a sleek style, with the strands reaching down past her breasts.

In May 2018, the rapper admitted she had been neglecting her hair while promoting Vida Hair Growth products.

“I haven’t really been taking care of my natural hair,” she shared. “I just be leaving it in braids for such a long time and changing wigs, but since I’m gonna be home more often, I’m going to be taking care of my natural hair by myself. I promise you, this st makes your hair grow to be so healthy and beautiful (sic).”

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