Judi Dench still hasn’t seen Cats_1

Judi Dench still hasn’t seen her critically-panned movie Cats.

The highly-anticipated movie, which featured a star-studded cast including Idris Elba, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, and Rebel Wilson, was mauled by critics upon its release in December.

The big-screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit stage musical, which was directed by Tom Hooper, had a budget of more than $100 million (£81 million), but grossed just $76 million (£62 million) worldwide, making it a box office flop.

However, Judi has now revealed she is unaware of the furore surrounding the movie and hasn’t even seen it.

“I didn’t read anything about the response to it, nor have I seen it,” the 85-year-old told BBC Radio 4’s Front Row show, noting that she is unable to watch it as she suffers from macular degeneration, which has left her with blurred vision.

The Oscar-winning British actress has only seen a photo of herself playing the Jellicle tribe leader Old Deuteronomy, and she was shocked to see herself looking like a glamorous feline, thanks to the digital fur technology used in post-production to make the actors look more like cats.

“I’ve only seen a picture of myself (from the film). I once had a cat (who looked) like that, called Carpet, and I didn’t realise I was playing Carpet. I thought I was playing a kind of, you know, mangier cat who didn’t have much fur. I didn’t realise I was this wonderful show cat!” she laughed.

Judi also had no idea she was nominated in the Worst Supporting Actress category at the Golden Raspberry Awards, which ‘honours’ the worst films and performances of the year, and joked that she was pleased to have landed her first-ever Razzie nomination.

“Oh, am I? That would be good! As far as I know, that’s a first!” she quipped.

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