The African Giant crossed paths with the legendary rap mogul Kanye West for the first time, and it was an epic moment.

Burna Boy was at the Paris Fashion Week and was visibly excited to meet the controversial rapper. The two music titans shook hands and Burna proceeded to give Kanye a pat on the back.

Burna Boy meets Kanye West for the first time [VIDEO]

With these two meeting, many would want to see a musical collaboration soon. Though nothing of the sort could happen, its possibility cannot be ruled out as Burna’s popularity is soaring at the moment and Kanye has worked with D’banj in the past.

Burna Boy meets Kanye West for the first time [VIDEO]

It was gathered that Burna Boy was in Paris originally for his “African Giant ” world tour.

See the video of the two meeting for the first time below:

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