Nigerian dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh better known as Kaffy, recently reacted to a troll’s comment.

Nigerian dance Queen Kaffy enlightens a troll who body-shamed her

The dance queen posted a photo with some fans and a troll called her a man. Kaffy’s epic clap back to the comment, has left many social media users impressed.

While social media has made communication easier for people regardless of the distance, it has also brought about the issue of trolling with celebrities as the main victims of these unjust attacks.

The Nigerian dance queen has continued to wow fans with her energetic dance moves. Despite her amazing talents, it appears some people can’t get over her athletic physique.

Nigerian dance Queen Kaffy enlightens a troll who body-shamed her

She recently shared a photo with some fans who had run into her.

While many people complimented her, a certain Instagram user used the opportunity to troll her. The troll commented: “Three men and a baby.”

Rather than get into a war of words with the troll, Kaffy took the high road and chose a classy response would suffice to enlighten the fan.

She responded: “you Got that right . I am a MAN not by definition of inferiority but by equality of grace and opportunity God gave us all . #insultedyetexalted”

While the young lady often lets the insult slides a lot of times, when she decides to respond, it is always epic.

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