Weather forecast, alerts and UVB index for all South African provinces, 27 February 2020_1

Weather data provided by the South African Weather Service. For a detailed forecast of your province, click here.




A gale force southeasterly wind of 65km/h is expected between Cape Columbine and Cape Agulhas on Thursday, spreading to Mossel Bay by Friday.

Special weather advisories

Strong interior winds of 55 to 65km/h are expected over the Central Karoo in the Western Cape and the Namakwaland in the Northern Cape on Thursday and Friday.

Gauteng: Cloudy in the morning, otherwise partly cloudy and warm.

UVB sunburn index: High.

Mpumalanga: Cloudy in the morning with light rain in the east and morning fog patches along the escarpment, otherwise partly cloudy and cool to warm.

Limpopo: Cloudy in places with isolated showers and rain in the northeast in the morning, becoming partly cloudy and cool to warm in the afternoon.

North-West province: Partly cloudy and warm.

Free State: Fine and warm, but partly cloudy and cool in the northeast.

Northern Cape: Fine and hot to very hot, otherwise warm but extremely hot along the west coast and in places over the interior. The wind along the coast will be fresh to strong southerly to south-easterly.

Western Cape: Partly cloudy at first over the southwestern parts, otherwise fine and very hot to extremely hot in places over interior and along the south coast. The wind along the coast will be moderate south-easterly to easterly becoming moderate westerly to southwesterly along the west coast in the afternoon.

UVB index: Extreme.

Western half of the Eastern Cape: Fine and warm but cool along the coast. The wind along the coast will be moderate north-easterly but south-easterly during the afternoon.

Eastern half of the Eastern Cape: Cloudy with fog patches in places south of the escarpment in the morning, otherwise fine and cool, but warm in the northwest. The wind along the coast will be light and variable, but moderate south-easterly from mid-morning, becoming north-easterly in the evening.

KwaZulu-Natal: Morning fog over the interior, otherwise cloudy and cool with morning showers and rain along the coast and adjacent interior but partly cloudy in the west. The wind along the coast will be moderate southerly to south-easterly.

UVB index: Moderate.