Six spicy scenes and snippets from the SONA 2020 red carpet_1

Before the inevitable fireworks started flying in the house at SONA 2020, there were plenty of sparky chirps from guests as they rolled along the red carpet outside.

Here are a few particularly spicy ones:

Mandla Mandela unimpressed by curiosity about his traditional Xhosa garb

“We are not attractions,” he said regarding queries about why he was wearing traditional clothes. “These outfits are significant and cultural.”

DA shadow minister of communications Phumzile van Damme says SONA 2020 is a ‘sombre occasion’ 

She didn’t pull any punches placing the blame at the president’s doorstep.

“The president must take action, not just speak about reducing unemployment,” she said.

“The president should follow up on the empty promises that were made last year. We don’t see the implementation of those promises,” she said.  

DA Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone weighs in

“We need some real tangible things to keep the lights on,” she said, adding that she had a highly capable date to the big do.

”I’m very excited to be John’s [Steenhuisen] right hand tonight,” she said.

Eskom CEO de Ruyter heckled

The recently appointed Eskom CEO looked a little grey-faced as he entered Parliament, offering no response to calls from spectators for “Mr Load Shedding” to get his act together.

Silence spoke loudest from Floyd Shivambu, who defiantly declined to speak to the media

EFF second-in-command, Floyd Shivambu, doesn’t usually get on with reporters. On the occasion of SONA 2020, it was clear that he had not changed his mind about the media, blanking any calls for comment with stoic silence.

Auntie Pat has ‘no skaam’ telling her boss what’s what

What would such a gathering be without Aunty Pat coming through with her distinct brand of political nose-turning?

“We need implementation. We’ve had enough plans, we want progress” – Patricia de Lille

“It’s happened again. Only this time, Cyril is being told to up his game by one of his own Cabinet members.”

You’ve gotta love it. Long live Sona 2020 and all that comes with it.