SONA 2020: EFF gun for De Klerk’s removal from the word go_1

Before members of the Parliament had even taken their seats after the national anthem, the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) had rolled up their sleeves and taken on a point of order regarding former president FW de Klerk’s attendance at SONA 2020, calling the former president “an apartheid apologist”. 

EFF leader Julius Malema claimed it was inappropriate that he had been invited, and called for a vote to decide whether he should say. 

Speaker Thandie Modise said that she wouldn’t hear any of it.

“The history of this country is there for everybody. We recognise the system of apartheid, but it was also a system that brought us into this house.”

“If you address me, do so on another point — not regarding De Klerk,” she said

‘ANC should be ashamed!’

Former EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi had fire in his eyes as he berated De Klerk’s “apologist” position on apartheid.

“You say we must reconcile with these people? De Klerk takes a platform and says apartheid wasn’t a crime against humanity. The ANC are all clapping hands, they should be ashamed. De Klerk is an apartheid apologist, not in 1990, or 1994 — today!”

FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald said that there was no cause for such accusations.

“All South Africans participated in the 1994 election,” he said. “He was elected deputy president and served in Parliament. I suggest we proceed.”

Modise said that she would hear no more points of order regarding De Klerk’s presence in the house.