Boost for tourism: New Cape Town-London flight route to be unveiled_1

Travellers of Mzansi – and those wanting to visit us – we’ve got some good news for you: Virgin Atlantic look set to add Cape Town to their scheduled routes, meaning that the London-based airline would provide the second-available direct route between the UK and the Mother City.

Cape Town to London flight route teased

British Airways currently holds the monopoly on this route, following the collapse of Thomas Cook. The low-budget airline went bust last September, taking South African jobs and travel options for Cape Town with it. Virgin Atlantic are yet to make an official announcement on the matter, but they’re sure not above giving us some teasers:

Let’s play. Where do you think our new route will be? Here are some clues to help you out… Won best destination in the world 🌏On the beach ⛱A cannon is fired every day at midday ⏰Penguins live there 🐧— Virgin Atlantic (@VirginAtlantic) February 12, 2020

Virgin Atlantic flights to South Africa

We had some social media users earnestly thinking that Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland – was the destination. But unless they’ve stolen our Noon Gun, there can only be one answer. The route between Cape Town and London was punted after Virgin officials met with Western Cape tourism groups at the end of last year.

Talks between the airline and Wesgro initially seemed to put the idea on the back-burner, as both parties claiming nothing was “ready to be finalised”. But with Heathrow Airport introducing its third runway, the business has been given the go-ahead to expand its operations – and CPT is at the front of the queue.

“Virgin Atlantic have set out our intentions to fly from Heathrow to up to 84 new destinations in the UK, Europe, and across the globe once the airport’s third runway is complete. Our plans would increase choice and enhance competition, reducing the cost of flying for millions of potential customers.” Darrin Thomas, the Marketing and Communications Manager for Virgin Atlantic

Virgin had previously flown directly to Cape Town, but pulled the route some years ago, instead favouring direct travel to Johannesburg. However, it looks as if the Richard Branson-owned company will be making a return to the south-west. Richard, mate, can you let us see some uber-cheap flight tickets now?