Weather warning: Severe thunderstorms and hail expected in North West_1

The South African Weather Service (Saws) has issued a weather warning for severe thunderstorms with the possibility of hail and harsh conditions in Dwarsberg, North West, expected on Friday evening.

Weather warning: Harsh conditions expected in south of Dwarsberg

The weather service has warned that the severe thunderstorms, with the possibility of hail, heavy rain and strong winds, are expected to pass by the south-west and southern parts of Dwarsberg from around 15:50.

Weather data also revealed that the harsh weather will likely make its way south-east towards Phatsima towards the evening, at around 21:00.

Warning:07/02/2020 15h50 TO:07/02/2020 21h00 Severe Thunderstorms- with possible hail, heavy downpours and strong winds arw observed south west and south of Dwarsberg in the North West moving south east towards Phatsima.— SA Weather Service (@SAWeatherServic) February 7, 2020

What’s the weather like in North West on Friday 7 February?

According to Saws, most parts of the North West province will experience wet and stormy weather on Friday 7 February. Maximum temperatures ranging between 30 – 34° have been observed in the interior region.

North West Today 's Weather overview: 7.2.2020— SA Weather Service (@SAWeatherServic) February 7, 2020

How to stay safe during thunderstorms

Severe thunderstorms should be seen as potentially dangerous. That’s why we have drummed up some useful tips on how to stay safe during this rough period of rain and thunder.

If you’re outdoors:

Postpone any trip or activity;Find a safe, enclosed shelter;Try and avoid touching the ground. Lightning causes electric currents along the top of the ground that can be deadly over a distance of more than 30m; andStay away from concrete floors or walls. Lightning can travel through any metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring;

If you’re indoors:

Avoid water during a thunderstorm;Avoid using any electronic equipment;Avoid corded phones, andAvoid concrete floors and walls.