Duduzane Zuma talks about how his father makes time for 23 children_1

In an interview he had with Gagasi FM last week, Duduzane Zuma reflected on his relationship with his father, former president Jacob Zuma. He spoke about the realities of being raised by an active politician and being born in exile.

His biggest challenge that he feels the family experienced is Zuma not being around as often. His active political career deprived them of time with his father. According to Duduzane, months would go past and they would not see him.

When interviewer DJ Warras asked him if all the kids got equal attention when he was around, Duduzane response with an adamant “yes”. Duduzane went on to state that “he is very good with that. Even today, he is very good at that”.

DJ Warras proceeded to joke about where the former president gets the time to bond with every child, considering the number of children he has.

DJ Warras asked “How does he do it bruh? One hour per day per child.”

Duduzane responded by saying: “…Not enough hours in the day. He keeps adding those hours”.

Zuma’s youngest son is 2-years-old.

The former president’s latest wife Nonkanyiso Conco was recently in the news and under fire for being accused of saying Zuma was an absent father.

In the post she said:

“I have made peace that I’ll attend school activities alone, travel the world with him alone and take all responsibilities for raising a son and installing the best values in his life. Grow up, my firstborn, and may your light always shine”.

Conco defended Zuma stating that she understands that he is a very busy man.

Watch the full interview here:

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