WATCH: Snake catcher captures spitting cobra after KZN woman’s close encounter_1

A woman from KZN got a nasty surprise when she went outside to eat her dinner during loadshedding…

As she sat down, a Mozambique spitting cobra unleashed a dose of venom straight into both her eyes. According to snake catcher, Jason Arnold from Universal Reptiles, the woman rushed over to her neighbours, who called for help.

Arnold rushed over to the scene, instructing the woman to wash her eyes out with a lot of water. “The victim flushed her eyes out with tap water, following up with cold, dechlorinated water to soothe the pain and some pain killers,” said Arnold.

In the video below, Arnold can be seen approaching the snake which was curled around the woman’s security gate. The agitated reptile spits at Arnold, but he is able to safely capture it. He will be releasing the cobra into a safe environment away from the property on Friday.