Cooper, a gentle-hearted Pitbull who had his ears cruelly hacked off and then sewed back on, will never be returned to those responsible. 

Warning: The content contained within this article features graphic imagery which some readers may find disturbing.

Animal Welfare Society of South Africa’s (AWS) head of Communications and Resource Development, Allan Perrins told that there is absolutely no possibility of that happening. 

“He [Cooper] didn’t survive to return back to neglect, misery and hardship,” said a passionate Perrins. 

Pitbull’s ears allegedly hacked off by two teenagers  

In a statement posted by AWS on 4 February, the horrific news was revealed. 

“Cooper an adorable one-year-old male Pitbull had his ears cruelly hacked off,” it said. 

A criminal case was opened at a Mitchell’s Plain police station on 20 January 2020, after the dog was found bloodstained around the head and ears. 

AWS senior inspector Mark Levendal’s said: “the dog was immediately admitted into our hospital care.”

“Whilst interviewing the alleged offender he admitted to me that he cut both ears of the dog with a large scissors, whilst being assisted by his friend. Both alleged offenders willingly submitted sworn affidavits confirming the above,” said Levendal. 

“We have apprehended those responsible, obtained a written confession and charged them with gross cruelty to animals. They have admitted to cruelly restraining Cooper, cutting off his ears and then crudely sewing them together without any form of anaesthetic,” he added. 

No possibility of pitbull being returned to those who hacked off his ears_1
Image via: AWS

They wanted a vicious-looking dog’ 

The AWS statement said their lack of compassion and indifference is extremely disturbing.

“They admitted to knowing that it was a crime to crop Cooper’s ears but wanted a vicious-looking dog, so decided to proceed regardless of the pain and suffering they were about to inflict on Cooper. The fact that he survived this horrific mutilation is a miracle,” said the statement. 

“There are no words to describe the fear and pain that Cooper experienced at the hands of his torturers and we have made it our mission to ensure that their crime does not go unpunished and that they never enjoy the privilege of ever owning another pet,” it added. 

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Image via: AWS

Keen interest in finding Cooper the pitbull a forever home 

Perrins said that his phone is currently ringing off the hook as many are keen to adopt Cooper after his horrendous ordeal. However, he still has quite a journey ahead of him in terms of recovery. 

“He should be ready to be adopted well before the end of the month,” said Perrins. 

When asked what the adoption process entails, Perrins said, like any other animal welfare shelter, there is an adoption application form — nothing too probing — and a property check to make sure everything is safe and secure. 

“We haven’t yet done a behavioural test to see how he gets along with other pets but he doesn’t appear to have any bad bones,” said Perrins. 

“When he first got here, he was scared and petrified but now, his tail is wagging and he’s loving all the attention,” he added. 

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Image via: AWS

Anyone looking to adopt Cooper and give him a loving forever home can call Adoption Centre Manager, Christine Leonard on 021-692-2626.