No confidence: Bid to oust Cyril Ramaphosa as president stepped-up_1

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) are hoping to withdraw Cyril Ramaphosa from the presidency, almost two years since he replaced Jacob Zuma in office. The minor political party – who gained two seats in Parliament last year – officially tabled a motion of no confidence against the head of state on Thursday.

No-confidence vote against Cyril Ramaphosa proposed

Speaking at a press conference in Sandton, Party President Vuyolwethu Zungula made it clear why they were aggressively pursuing the removal of Ramaphosa. They brough a checklist of 15 reasons to the briefing, blaming everything from an increase in corruption to an incoherent strategy on Eskom for their frustrations.

“We have a highly paid and resourced cabinet, but it is utterly directionless. The ship has no captain, and enough is enough. The country keeps sinking and as far as the ATM are concerned, there is nothing positive about South Africa apart from its people – and even their patience is running thin.”
“The new dawn that was heralded has become a nightmare for virtually all of us. The fish rots from the head. That is why we call on all South Africans to put pressure on their elected representatives to put this country out of its misery. Everything President Ramaphosa promised us was simply a mirage.”ATM statement

Cyril Ramaphosa in 15 Reasons Why...

The ATM leader wasn’t shy when it came to listing the reasons Cyril should face the chop. They compiled a document of 15 different reasons why they believe he has been underperforming:

The failure to tell Parliament about his R500 000 Bosasa payment.The president mislead South Africa about when load shedding would return in 2020.His alleged inability to take action against the Eskom representatives who “lied” to him.Ramaphosa has “lost the confidence of international investors” due to poor leadership.Cyril is said to be ignoring calls for a referendum on the death penalty, drawing further ire from the ATM.The president has been blamed for the increased unemployment rate.The lack of progress of addressing wealth inequality has also upset the party.Good bit of shithousery, this. Cyril Ramaphosa “always being shocked” by things has irked the ATM.His failure to rescue certain SOEs from financial meltdown has been criticised.He’s accused of lying about how land expropriation will work.Not creating a new state bank has gone down terribly with Zungula and co.Prioritising the “rich over the poor”.Concealing his CR17 campaign donors.Indecisive action on border control.Finally, Cyril Ramaphosa was slammed for not protecting South Africa’s “micro-economy”.

How a motion of no confidence works

Speaker Thandi Modise will now consider whether the proposal is worth putting to the rest of the house. She still has the ability to dismiss it outright. A consultation process would take place, and it could even be put to the other serving MPs for a debate. Our elected officials have the power to shoot it down straight away.

In the unlikely event it gets to a Parliamentary vote, a simple majority would have to vote in favour of the motion of no confidence. That’s 201 votes or more. Considering the ANC has 230 of the seats – and an overwhelming majority still see their leader as favourable – it’s not likely to happen. In fact, the ATM will be lucky if it gets past Modise’s desk. But still, they’re giving it a go anyway…

You can read the statement issued by the ATM here:

#RamaphosaMotionOfNoConfidence press statement, articulated by President @ZungulaVuyo South Africa deserves a President who will put the needs and the interests of the people first. #ATMInParliament— African Transformation Movement (@ATMovement_SA) February 6, 2020