Grimes pleased her hair is growing back after years of bleaching_1

Grimes is pleased her hair is finally growing back after years of colourful dye jobs.

In a new video tutorial for, the Genesis singer shared that she has been using bleach to lighten her locks since the age of 11, and in recent years, has experimented with a rainbow of different dyes. Grimes ended up frying the ends of her hair during her last bleach attempt, however, she’s noticed a change in her tresses since becoming pregnant.

“I’ve had a lot of regrowth,” she said. “I burned my hair off right before I got pregnant, but it’s kind of been solving the situation.”

Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, confirmed that she is expecting her first child last month. Her boyfriend, Elon Musk, is believed to be the father.

And while pregnancy has been beneficial for the health of her hair, it’s been a different case for her skin.

“I don’t know if everyone has this but when I got knocked up my skin turned super red and is just constantly covered in… stuff,” the 31-year-old commented of her struggles with rosacea. “Doing make-up is way harder when you’re pregnant for some reason.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Grimes insisted that she will allow her child to experiment with cosmetics.

“I’ll definitely let my kid use make-up. I’ll definitely let my kid dye their hair,” she smiled.

Grimes and technology entrepreneur Elon have been in a relationship since 2018. He is already a father of five from his previous marriage to Canadian author Justine Wilson, whom he divorced in 2008.

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