Although, it is not clear if Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli’s post is targeted at anyone, she has said she wouldn’t bring down herself to make anyone feel better.

‘Bringing down someone to climb the ladder is witchcraft’ – Omoni Oboli

Oboli said this on her Instagram handle, in the early hours of Thursday.

The beautiful actress kicked against talking about other people, while advising that people hustle on their own lane.

According to her, an act of bringing other people down just for the purpose of attaining a great height is “witchcraft”

“I’m a very ambitious person and I’ve learnt to stop apologizing for it. I also believe very strongly that we can ALL win together.

If you think bringing someone else down is the only way you can climb, darling, that’s witchcraft right there!
We are all striving to be better than we were yesterday. Stop talking about other people! HUSTLE on your lane!!! I’m not going to dump down to make you feel better. Get up let’s go! PS: If you really can’t stand the heat, honey, leave the kitchen!
It’s 2020” she wrote.

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