Watch: Tshwane EFF rejoices in anticipation of DA ousting [video]_1

Political caucuses in Tshwane have finally convened for the special council meeting and on the agenda is the planned axing of key leaders of the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Tshwane special council meeting: What’s on the agenda?

For the African National Congress, as well as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), this has been a long time coming.

The opposition parties have been at loggerheads with the DA about scheduling a special council meeting, for weeks.

Essentially, the ANC and EFF want to resubmit motions of no-confidence against key DA leaders following the North Gauteng High Court ruling which deemed their previous axing of Executive Mayor, Stevens Mokgalapa and Speaker, Katlego Mathebe, as invalid and unlawful.

The ANC and EFF have banded together in their efforts to take back key metros in Gauteng. Things were a lot simpler in hijacking the Johannesburg metro.

After Herman Mashaba’s dramatic exit from his mayoral seat — and the party he represented — candidates who went against Soweto-born Geoff Makhubo, did not stand a chance.

The premise of the special council meeting in Tshwane is to institute motions of no-confidence against:

Mokgalapa;Mathebe;Acting Speaker, Zweli Khumalo; andChair of Chairs, Gert Pretorius.

Watch: EFF members rejoice in song ahead of DA lynching

After a long and drawn-out tussle between the ANC and the DA, Mathebe was obliged to grant the commencement of the special council meeting.

The meeting kicked off at 10:00, at the Tshwane House Council Chamber. First to occupy their seats, were members of the EFF caucus.

#TshwaneCouncil EFF making their entrance ahead of the Special Council Meeting. Opposition parties ANC & EFF are hoping to oust the DA in Tshwane through motions of no confidence against the Mayor and Speaker #sabcnews— Sipho Stuurman (@Sipho_Stuurman) January 16, 2020

The group entered the chambers rejoicing and singing struggle songs, an indication of their fulfilment with the events that will unfold.

While the first motion of no-confidence, which ousted Mokgalapa and Mathebe on 5 December 2019, was ruled out, a similar outcome is expected.

The DA, overpowered by the strong coalition of the opposition, has resorted to pursuing criminal charges against the ANC for allegedly forging signatures in the first petition that was handed to Mathebe in early January 2020.

ANC regional chairperson, Kgosi Maepa, has dismissed these allegations, claiming that at this point, the DA is clutching at straws.

“The actions of the DA in Tshwane are a clear indication that the DA has now officially run out of ideas and negative things to say about the ANC. The DA has forgotten that they are still government until Thursday, and they should continue providing services instead of creating ‘storms in a teacup’.” he said.