Grade 10 learner allegedly drank rat poison in suicide attempt after failing her exams_1

An educational psychologist says that when a child tries to take their own life, it is generally because of several issues

On Wednesday, the Gauteng Department of Education revealed that a Grade 10 pupil at a high school in the Vaal had attempted to end her life on Wednesday after finding out she had failed her exams.

It is alleged that she went back home and drank rat poison.

The teenager had allegedly told her teachers and peers that she wanted to end her life.

Department spokesperson Steve Mabona confirmed the incident. He said the department was grateful that the pupil was alive and had been rushed to a nearby hospital.

Education psychologist Dr Ken Resnick said teenagers attempting suicide were faced with problems at home.

“When someone commits suicide, especially at such a young age, it could be because of many reasons. There is not an isolated reason, where the pupil was happy the previous and the next day decided to commit suicide.

“Her self-esteem was great, and she didn’t expect that she would fail Grade 10. Is it a culmination of factors,” Resnick said.

He said many teenagers no longer trusted confiding in adults.

Resnick said it was difficult for teenagers to seek counselling because some of them were afraid of their parents.

He called on parents to notice signs in their children and quickly seek psychological help for them before it was too late.
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