Over 10 000 late applications for 2020 school year have been processed in Gauteng_1

The Gauteng education department received more than 10 000 late applications for the 2020 school year on Wednesday, but the placement process is running smoothly and no glitches have been experienced…

This is according to spokesperson, Steve Mabona, who said in a statement that 6 245 Grade 1 pupils and 3 946 Grade 8 pupils were assisted.

“This response of parents to late applications bears testimony to the fact that some parents are not heeding the call to apply during [the] application period,” he said.

The number of schools which have available space decreased from 1 267 at 08:00 to 760 at 16:00.

“Thus, parents who delay in making their applications have limited options to select schools. Parents are reminded once more that only schools with available space are open for late applications. Only one application can be made and documents must be submitted to the school within 24 hours,” Mabona explained.

“While long queues were evident at various admissions walk-in centres and departmental offices, we must indicate that children of the majority of parents in the queues were already placed at schools in compliance with admissions criteria. A plea is made to parents to register their children at the schools where they are placed.”

Until January 24, parents could apply online or visit the provincial office, district office or 57 decentralised admissions walk-in centres from 08:00 to 16:00 for assistance.

Mabona said the department would not take responsibility for spaces forfeited by parents who failed to register pupils at the schools where they had already been placed.

Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi said placement was based on regulated admissions procedures.

“Parents were offered an opportunity to object and appeal, and these processes were adjudicated fairly,” he said.