A sport journalist and presenter at Classic FM, Temisan Okomi, has narrated how a young girl he helped some years back, invited him for her convocation.

Man excited as girl he helped years back becomes a graduate

According to Temisan’s narration, he met the girl for the first time at a bar. At the time, she was only 17-year-old, looking so pretty and serving as a waitress at the bar.

Temisan called her attention to ask why she isn’t in school, and as expected, the familiar tale of no money for JAMB and SSCE form came in.

Touched by the young girl’s story, Temi asked if she would return to school if he gives her the money for the forms, she said Yes and Temi showed his generosity.

Fastforward to some hours ago, the girl and her mom called him to invite him for her convocation, and excited Temi has taken to Twitter to share the good news.

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