A Nigerian man recently had his heart shattered into pieces, after his girlfriend of 5 years ditched him and is now set to marry an abroad returnee.

According to a Twitter user, @Buchi_smallzy who narrated the story, the lady told his heartbroken friend that her wedding has been scheduled to hold on the 29th of December.

The shattered man is said to have taken up his office leave in order to travel out of the country because to supress the burden of the situation.

Buchi said the lady claimed she took the decision due to parental pressure.

He tweeted:

“My Guy is fucked up! His babe for 5years is getting married to one foolish IJGB come December 29th and she just told him Yesterday and Man was crying telling me on the Phone! He taking up his leave and travelling out for 1month because he can’t stand it! I did the Link up

I had to Whatapp her Yesterday and she invited me to the wedding and I was so close to insulting her using words like “She loves him but Family pressure”!! My guy is comfortable and the relest guy I know and it hurts me to see him cry to a girl I toasted for him back then!!”

Nigerian man in tears as girlfriend of five years sets to marry abroad returnee

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