KeDezemba Boss? Zodwa claps back at claims that she’s promoting alcohol abuse_1

Many people would describe Zodwa Wabantu as the life and soul of the party but is her party lifestyle sending the wrong message to the youth?

The entertainer is known for living it up at clubs all over SA on a weekly basis. Drinks are usually overflowing and Zodwa is in the thick of things dancing up a storm.

A video surfaced in August that raised a few eyebrows.

Several men groped the star, who had a beer in her hand, while she was performing.

“Guys, I am going to drink. I am not going anywhere,” she assured the crowd. Zodwa did not seem too bothered by the men who were touching her behind.

Zodwa Wabantu doesn’t deserve this, please respect women guys!!!! #ZodwaWabantu

— Hermaine M (@HermaineM) August 21, 2019

The 35-year-old has often been criticised for making drinking and partying look glamorous

But she doesn’t think she is the problem, telling Metro FM in a recent interview that people did not want to talk about social ills.

“We, as a community and society, don’t want to talk about such things. Drugs are there. Alcohol is there. We like to sweep things under the carpet… We should have those conversations. Stop closing your eyes and ears, and thinking we are so civilised and educated,” she said.

Zodwa added that parents should “talk openly” to their children about alcohol.

“I am an adult and I can do what I want, but talk to your kids. Don’t leave them in the dark until they are 20 and they are at clubs and with any man who will buy them champagne because you didn’t buy them champagne.”