Former BBNaija reality TV star, Tuoyo has slammed Nigerians for their hypocrisy over the recent visit of US rapper Cardi B.

Tuoyo slams Nigerians for hypocrisy over Cardi B

Recall that during the visit, Cardi B was seen at a strip club dancing with scantilly dressed ladies. This was highly praised by many Nigerians on social media.

This didn’t sit well with Tuoyo who reacted as seen below.

“Nigerians and double standard this is so sad. The other day Naira Marley went to the strip club and Nigerians bashed him for that , few days back Cardi was at the strip club and everybody was busy shouting damn Cardi b ig’s story is litty and she was mostly praised for this .

We praise foreign girls posting semi nudes pics on IG but insult our own if they do it , the time when Falz released This is Nigeria nobody was posting it enough until P DIDDY hailed Falz for it .

Most of us here admire Black chyna as a stripper but will crucify anybody who comes out to say this is what they do . Nobody should come and tell me it’s our culture yen yen yen #SAYNOTODOUBLESTANDARDS #EMBRACEOUROWN

We don’t buy Nigerian products but will use our last dime to buy a foreign product , let me tell you now most of the leathers Louis Vuitton uses is gotten from Kano and it’s sold back to us for a very expensive price.

NICKI , CARDI , and IGGY AZALEA did plastic surgery and most of us take them as idols but will beef and condemn our celebrities who do it here”.

Tuoyo slams Nigerians for hypocrisy over Cardi B

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