Ashley Graham uses acupuncture to sculpt her face_1

Ashley Graham has been using acupuncture to sculpt and contour her face during pregnancy.

The curvy model has taken to her Instagram page to share her secret for relieving stress, and in a series of videos, showed fans footage of her undergoing the treatment.

“We are sculpting into my cheek, into my jawline,” Ashley told her followers in the first video, as acupuncturist Sandra Lanshin, founder of Treatment by Lanshin, tells the camera: “Getting the muscle tension out… And then we’re going to sculpt, sculpt, sculpt.”

In another clip posted on Wednesday, Ashley mimics Santa Claus while the needles are in her neck and jawline.

“Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!” she laughs. “It’s a needle Christmas.”

And in the last video, Sandra is seen taking out the needles, which makes Ashley briefly bleed in two places on her face.

“Oh well, it’s worth the sculpt,” the 32-year-old joked.

In the caption alongside the videos, Ashley explained that she’s been doing acupuncture throughout her pregnancy.

“I have to say it’s been keeping my body feeling so good! Yesterday, Sandra @treatmentbylanshin did a little face sculpting with the needles and I love the results!” she added.

Ashley is expecting a baby boy with husband Justin Ervin in January. The former America’s Next Top Model judge has regularly shared social media updates with fans throughout her pregnancy journey, and recently posted a naked selfie on Instagram over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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