In an almost comprehensive address by President Cyril Ramaphosa last week, we now know that schools will be closed effective today. Children in Grade 12 will only be closing for one week, while Grade 7s will open two weeks from now.

The biggest question mark that came from that address was concerning how private schools will manage this matter.

According to Ramaphosa: "Taking into account the views of the various stakeholders and expert bodies, Cabinet has decided that all public schools should take a break for the next four weeks."

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This statement explicitly states that the closure will only take place for parents with children in public schools.

Director-general of the department of basic education Mathanzima Mweli explained in a video that private and public schools are structured differently, thus the announcement catering for public schools alone.

"They work on a trimester system, and we work on a four-quarter system. Those are two different academic years. Even if you announce breaks, you take that into account, which is exactly what the president has done," Mathanzima explains.

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The exclusion of private schools in the announcement had parents jokingly asking whether private school students had private immune systems that were immune to the coronavirus.

Teacher unions and political parties have questioned why the two systems are being viewed separately from each other. Some have even raised that the decision is creating division in the education sector.

Wait… So Private scholars will continue to go to school?…. Are they immune from this virus? #cyrilramaphosa

— Cellular ❁ (@robzinterris) July 23, 2020

Batho private school pupils will continue attending because they have medical aid???? #cyrilramaphosa

— xoliswa_sa???????? (@xoliswa_sa) July 23, 2020

So Private Schools can continue while Public Schools are closed #cyrilramaphosa

— K U L A N I (@kulanicool) July 23, 2020

Haayii, you will never please everyone.

People wanted schools closed so that thier children don't get sick. Schools are closed and they are still not happy.

Leave #privateschools alone and focus on getting your children to study at home. #privateschools #cyrilramaphosa

— Gemini ♊ (@GeminiJay1) July 24, 2020

Private schools are not closing while public schools close. Sometimes being poor is a blessing.#cyrilramaphosa

— Mr Borry Comedian???????? (@borry_comedian) July 23, 2020

Rich kids will continue to going to school #cyrilramaphosa

— Ben???????? (@_Villager_) July 23, 2020

Mr President, what about private schools?

Karabo Mokoena

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