Hey! Will You Take This Nanny Job For £100K (N46m) A Year? (See Requirements)

An unnamed woman has advertised for a nanny to look after her four children and she’s offering perks of the job including driving the family’s sports cars, travelling at least three times a week, joining them on holiday and meals cooked by a Michelin star chef.

The successful candidate will have their own living quarters at each of the international residencies with a private bathroom, kitchen area and living room.

But the job comes with an exacting list of requirements with the advertiser, admitting: ‘I feel it is best to be upfront – the role is demanding.‘

The nanny gets to work from 7am to 8 pm daily. The children are home schooled so will always be home. You must also have 15 years working experience, receive training in self defense and must not have kids.

The advert posted on childcare.co.uk is receiving mixed reactions as some claim it it virtually slavery.


Degree in child psychology

No children of your own

Minimum 15 years’ experience

Available six days a week

Available 7am to 8pm

Trained in self defence

Two-week, live-in paid trial period

Sign non-disclosure agreement

Happy to travel regularly

Participate in school lessons

Eat every meal with children

Willing to run errands

Taking children to appointments

Clean UK driving licence

No binge drinking or drug taking

Help further knowledge outside class

Perks of the job

£100,000 salary

International travel

Meals cooked by Michelin star chef

Use of family’s luxury cars

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