5 Weight loss and fitness influencers to follow

Losing weight and reaching your fitness goals isn't easy, but thanks to the World Wide Web, you have a whole community of people on similar journeys as you. 

Here are five weight loss and fitness bloggers you should be following and why.

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Tracey-Lee Lusty is definitely one of us

Everyone starts their fitness and weight loss journey at a different point. Although you expect health influencers to be trim and lean, Tracy- Lee takes us on a journey we can relate to. 

She's plus-sized, body positive and emphasizes that we should all love and appreciate our bodies through every step of our journey because you can still be body positive while trying to lose weight.

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Sbahle Mpisane's road to recovery

We all love a success story, but the beauty of it is being part of the highs and the lows. Watching Sbahle recover from an almost fatal car accident and fight to get her body back is enough to get you off the couch and fighting to get your body too.

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Hlubi Mboya gets active

Getting fit is all good and well, but challenging your body to do what it couldn't do before, is another high completely.

Hlubi Mboya-Arnold isn't just fit for the sake of it, her body is an adventure conquering machine!