190,000 Africans Could Die Of COVID-19 - WHO Warns

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has released a statement warning that a staggering 190,000 people could die due to COVID-19 complications in the first year of the pandemic if it isn't successfully contained.

This is coming after a new study was made by the United Nation health agency regional office in Brazzaville. The study shows that 29 to 44 million people could be infected by the virus, and 83,000 to 190,000 people would die as a result.

"The model predicts the observed slower rate of transmission, lower age of people with severe disease and lower mortality rates compared to what is seen in the most affected countries in the rest of the world." The statement explained.

According to experts warnings, Africa is vulnerable to an outbreak due to its weak health infrastructure, high rate of poverty, numerous roiling conflicts and a proven susceptibility to previous epidemics.
The continent currently has over 54,000 confirmed cases and over 2,000 people have lost their lives as a result of the pandemic.

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