Our prolific contributor and writer, Olayinka Adebusayo (Nuella) shared her own view on homosexuality. Read below:

I want to know the cause,
Why people are attracted to the same sex,
Is it a cross or curse?
Perhaps, tense or degrading sense.

I travelled wide in the same seat,
Thinking why many are in deep craziness,
Proclaiming their play with their mindset,
Flaunting their wealth made in dreadful wilderness.

Their population is becoming so dense,
The sane asks, what is this mess?
They are no more hidden under lens,
But celebrates their anniversaries with terseness.

The statue of law and justice is bent,
The house of judiciary is under dent,
The homos walks freely without checks,
Don't tell me they have shut the law with cheques.

What pride is for the man in female uniform?
Will you change that masculine sensitivity?
Will that long wooden- like coloured stick disrupt form?
Can you tell me how you act to reactivity?

Thy masculine female,
How do you make everything so plain?
Guess your monthly period do send you mail?
I wonder how male will say he is in pain.

Sorriest part that seems weird.
Is how they are trending,
Leaving the Godly mad and wild,
Don't know when law will be pending.

To stop this unscrupulous act,
The work of main and the part,
In prayer and fast,
May God show them the right path.

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