Alleged sexual escapades at Eskom, commission hears

"I was not part of the meeting with former president Jacob Zuma," former Eskom chairperson Dr Ben Ngubane told the commission of inquiry, on questions that Zuma had instructed then chairperson of the Eskom board Zola Tsotsi to establish an independent inquiry into Eskom's affairs.

Ngubane reiterated the testimony put before the commission by Venete Klein, Tshidiso Matona and Tsotsi that the board resolved that an external inquiry be set up to probe technical, financial and structural issues as the unit.

The said meeting, facilitated by Tsotsi, discussed the suspension of four executives, he said.

The inquiry discussed emails linked to Gupta associate Salim Essa, which highlighted an Eskom bank guarantee of R1.68 billion to Gupta-linked Tegeta, among other issues.

While Ngubane did not confirm that the emails may have been sent by Essa, he conceded that the emails could have been sent by someone else, aside from Richard Seleke.

The commission heard how parts of the emails were coincidentally similar to Eskom's press release on the resignation of Tsotsi.

Ngubane also touched on alleged sexual escapades at Eskom as some of the reasons put forward by Tsotsi at one time. While he did not provide extensive details on the accusation, he alleged Tsotsi pointed to alleged misconduct by one of the four executives who were to be suspended in 2015.

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