OR Tambo airport issues new parking tariffs

The OR Tambo International Airport has introduced new parking tariffs along with airport access and health protocols after South Africa upgraded to Alert Level 2 in August amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Rekord reports.

Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula confirmed last month that domestic passenger flights were permitted as the country's tourism sector aims to make up for time and money lost, while all international passenger flights were still prohibited, except those flights authorised by the minister himself.

The airport's new parking tariffs comes in light of motorists' complaints over high parking ticket bills although they used the parking space for a short amount of time.

The motorists were those who have used the long-term parking.

OR Tambo International Airport corporate affairs senior manager Samukelo Khambule confirmed the health protocols introduced by the airport, urging passengers to be aware of the changes applied.

"We advised that the upper and lower roads remain closed. The pick-up and drop-off parking area that was previously used also remains closed.

"We appealed then and appeal again now, to passengers to note the new vehicle access and parking arrangements and to plan accordingly."

Khambule said there was only one level that was accessible to pick up passengers, which was parkade 2 south level 2.

He further said that the new drop-off area and passenger parking was level 3, while level 4 was for general parking.

He noted that different tariffs applied on different levels, while also confirming that there was a grace period of 20 minutes' free parking on level 2.

"After that, the higher tariffs that apply reflect the need to keep vehicles moving through level 2 as the designated drop-off zone."

Khambule urged passengers who were charged more than the published rates after leaving their cars on level 3 or level 4 to contact the airport's parking office at Customercare@airports.co.za.

He added that the passenger would need to show evidence of where they parked by providing a parking receipt.

"As the airport parkade is equipped with licence plate recognition technology, this may be used to verify the level on which the passenger's vehicle was parked," he said.

Here are the amended parking tariffs:

Level 2 parking (only to be used as a pick-up point for passengers)

  1. 0 – 20 minutes are free

  2. 21 – 40 minutes: R30

  3. 41 – 60 minutes: R60

Level 3 parking (for the drop-off of passengers and passenger parking)

  1. 0 – 1 hour: R25

  2. 1 – 2 hours: R44

  3. 2 – 3 hours: R48

  4. 3 – 4 hours: R68

  5. 4 – 12 hours: R175

  6. 12 – 24 hours: R190

  7. Every 12 hours: R95

This article first appeared on Rekord and was republished with permission.

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