Catch André, the hilarious hypnotist at Carnival City this September

The stage hypnotist, André, is set to continue to entertain audiences with his hilarious performances nationwide — and this time he's making his way to Carnival City!

Yes, fans can get ready for a brand new show at Carnival City's Applause on Friday, 4 and Saturday, 5 September at 19:00, when his new production hits the stage. 

There is also a special show on Wednesday, 9 September at 18:00, which will be recorded for television.

Watch André, the hilarious hypnotist at Carnival City

Andrè is delighted to be able to perform in front of an audience again. "After the five-month lockdown, I cannot wait to take on some of volunteers and turn them into singers, dancers, animals and household items!  And of course, it's all just for your – and my – entertainment!" says Andrè.  "There are only a limited number of seats and guests must remember that we will strictly adhere to all health protocols". 

Those interested can make reservations at Computicket by calling 0861 915 8000, or on their official website  Groups of 10 or more will also get a discount by calling Lefra Productions at (011) 815 3000 or sending an e-mail to

Please note that guests must follow a range of protocols when visiting Carnival City:

  1. Health questionnaire screening at all entrances with a temperature check;

  2. Each guest must produce either an ID or MVG card upon entrance to complete the health questionnaire;[*]All guests must wear masks and sanitise upon entrance into the property;[*]Inside the venue, social distancing is adhered to;[*]All drinks will be sold closed or with a lid on;[*]All food are served covered.

About the hilarious hypnotist

"When I was five years old, I made my first television advertisement.  I already knew then that I wanted to be on stage, but I never knew what I wanted to do on stage… Then, in 1987, I saw a program by the legendary Max Collie. I was so crazy about it that I immediately knew it was what I wanted to do. I approached him about training, and after his death in 1990, I started performing all over the country," says André.

But isn't hypnosis dangerous?  André answers: "A person under hypnosis never loses control of what he does, and he remembers exactly what he did.  People do funny things on stage because that's exactly what is expected of them.  All suggestions to which the person will respond will fall within the framework of the volunteer.  And one's brain protects you in such a way that you will not reveal your deepest secrets.  For example, a volunteer will not undress him unless he is someone who does something like that at every party!"

André has also performed internationally.  How does South African stage hypnosis compare to that in other countries?  "Man, I love South Africa very much, but I have to be honest, our South Africans are still very shy.  In America, you get a lot of volunteers who will really do anything.  The Australians again like programs that are a bit under the belt.  South Africans love fast-paced programs, and want to bring the whole family together.  And our audiences still giggle when someone uses a naughty word or two."

What is important to André? "I'm crazy about my job," he says.  "There is nothing more wonderful than an audience that gives laughter and applause.  But off stage, I'm just quiet.  I spend hours in caves because it gives me the opportunity to discover things that no other human has ever been, and to enjoy this wonderful natural phenomenon."

Has anything ever gone wrong with one of his performances? "Hypnosis is very safe, but it is the volunteers who are wild cards on stage!  During one of my performances, I told one of the volunteers that he was mad at me and that he would eventually be so angry that he would want to hit me.  Usually, I say 'Sleep!', and the person lies flat on the floor.  But that night the audience laughed so hard that the volunteer did not hear me, and I ended up as the one lying on the floor, with bruises and a swollen lip!  But, that's how the entertainment world works!"

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