Lockdown keeps self-taught electrician busier than before

Lockdown has been keeping Limpopo electrician Robert Mudzimu busier than ever before due to the demand for electrical repairs in his community.

Mudzimu says he is benefitting from families being at home, as they are using their appliances far more, which can lead to breakages and malfunctions.

While other small businesses are feeling the painful punches of the pandemic and countrywide lockdown, the Musina resident has never been so busy as at this moment in his 34-year career.

Mudzimu, 54, taught himself to repair electronic equipment way back in 1986.

Lockdown a blessing in disguise

Although he sympathises with the rest of the nation as lockdown is making people's life difficult, to him it has come as a blessing in disguise.

"These days I work non-stop because everyone wants to take their electronics home," he said.

"Things like plasma television sets, microwaves, stoves, irons, radios and fans are the most affected because they seldom get time to rest these days. These things keep flowing in for repair on daily basis.

"It pains me to see other people losing their jobs because of the lockdown while my small business is booming. We just have to understand that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages."

Give your appliances a rest

He has a word of advice: "If people get tired and need a rest, it means that the electronic items also need a rest. You cannot run a television set for 24 hours and expect it to have a long life.

"Another thing that is killing most electronic equipment is the use of wrong voltage.

"What I have also realised is that most people do not read manuals for their electronic equipment. They end up using them in a wrong way which result in serious damage.

"If we use these things correctly, they will serve us loyally for a long time."

Use your hands to survive

Mudzimu encourages unemployed young people to use their hands to survive.

"If I taught myself to fix electronic items, you can also do the same. Look for something that makes you happy and follow your dreams around it," he said.

"In that way, you will be reducing the number of unemployed people in your community. I am also available to teach young people how to fix electronic items free of charge.

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