Primary school Pupils to undergo psychological training after they were been initiated into Cult Group_1

Two men have been arrested by the Lagos state Police Command for initiating primary school pupil into a deadly cult group; "the Awawa Boys".

The kids whose ages ranged from six to sixteen years were said to be rescued by the Police. The rescued pupils included a 16-year-old girl who is already the cult gang. The rescued children are currently undergoing psychology tutorial at the command's Gender Unit.

The police said it was a Guardian and Counselling teacher at the Egan Community School, who uncovered the cultists' initiation ceremony plan.

The teacher was said to have noticed a particular incision on the lower jaw of some of the students and decided to ask questions about it, to which one of the children confessed that any school pupil or student seen with the mark was a member of the Awawa cult group.

Consequent upon the discovery, the teacher raised an alarm and the school authorities reported the matter to the police.

During interrogation, the girl confessed that she did take the rest of the children for initiation, and that the symbol on their jaws was that of the Awawa Boys.