Parents Who Post Baby Photos On Facebook Could Be Slapped With Huge Fines Or Jailed

Parents could face prison for putting embarrassing photos of their children on Facebook , French authorities have warned. Mums and dads who over share pictures of their kids could be embroiled in legal action once their little one grows up.

This is according to the French government, whose infamously strict privacy laws dictate that parents could be slapped with thousands of pounds in fines or jail time for posting intimate snapshots without their children's permission.

Parents face fines of up to £35,000 if found guilty of breaching their right to privacy when they are young.
We all know the mum who posts more than 10 pictures of her baby a day, or the dad who overshares details of his kid's toilet habits. But these parents might want to reconsider their approach on social media, they warned.

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