Woman Jailed For Having Noisy S3x

A woman identified as Amanda Warfel has been sentenced to prison for disturbing her neigbours with noisy s3x for two years in Pennsylvania.

According to Usatoday, The culprit, pleaded guilty to misconduct and harassment charges for shouting racial slurs at her neighbours after they complained about her furniture shaking during “loud” s3x in the adjacent unit.

The compliant, Tanya Saylor called the police on March 21 to complain that her neighbor was fornicating loudly and banging around her bedroom such that her own bed shook.
She had earlier asked Warfel to tone it down a bit because of her teenager children who has to go to school in the morning but can't sleep at night because of her noise.

“They don’t sleep well at night. There’s constantly inappropriate things that go on in her bedroom,” she said.

According to reports, after her terminally ill husband and five children — one of whom has cancer — dealt with the noise for two years, Saylor finally had enough and alerted authorities when the dispute got worse.

“Warfel called my children monkeys and offers them bananas,” Saylor said. “It was a daily thing until she went to prison.”

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