US Missionaries Brutally Murdered In Jamaica - PICTURED!

Two U.S. missionaries were found slain in a rural area of the Caribbean island that has long struggled with high rates of violent crime, Jamaican police said yesterday.

Randy Hentzel, 48, and Harold Nichols, 53, were identified as the two men in a statement by the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Their battered bodies were found in bushes in separate areas of St. Mary parish. The two men and their families did evangelism and Bible ministry and built homes.
“We do not know who would do this or what their motivation was. These men greatly loved the people of Jamaica and were greatly loved in return,” said John Heater, executive director of Teams for Medical Missions.

We are devastated to hear this news and will be praying for the Hentzels and Nichols and Teams and the St. Mary's Parish and communities they served in Jamaica,' Wendy Irwin wrote on a Facebook post from Teams.

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