How My Fetish Husband Deceived And Married Me With Charm

One Omotosho Adejoke has dragged her husband, Omotosho Musili before an Igando Customary court sitting Lagos state, alleging that he confused and lured her with charms before they got married.

The complainant, a 39-year-old food vendor told the court on Wednesday that her husband was adulterous.
She claimed her husband was in the habit of bringing his lovers to their one-room apartment to spend days or months before leaving.
She, however, prayed the curt to dissolve her 16-year-old marriage, stating that, “When I was single, my husband approached me that he wanted to marry me, I told him that I had a fiancé and that our marriage was near.
“Musili a bricklayer came back the following day and touched me, I don’t know how I got to his village, and I started having babies.
“As an orphan, nobody looked for me but now I am back to my senses,” she lamented.
On accusation of infidelity, Adejoke said “I always leave the bed for them and sleep on the floor, on four occasions I had reported him to our families.
“Recently, he came home with a lady who stole my pants and brassier, I discovered that after she had left.
“I told my husband to retrieve my underwear from his lover, he later came home with a bra and pant but those were not the underwear that were missing,” she added, noting that her husband was always threatening her life.
“My husband is threatening to kill me, my hair dresser informed me that anytime I finished making my hair that my husband always come begging her to give him my hair.
“And he always tell me that if I leave him that he will kill me and run away.
“I am the one responsible for feeding the family, paying the house rent and the children’s school fees,” the mother of four boys noted, adding that she was scared of contracting sexually transmitted diseases from her husband due to his unfaithfulness.

Meanwhile, on his part, her 47-year-old husband denied all the allegations.
He said, “I pay my bills, I usually give her N500 per day, but she also assists me as any good wife will do.
“I returned the underwear my lover took away from our house and I never approached my wife’s hairdresser requesting for her hair.

The respondent begged the court to help him appeal to his wife that he still loves her.

The Court President, Adegboyega Omilola, advised the couple to go back home, talk over the issue in peace and adjourned the matter till May 20.

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