Man Fakes Kidnapping With Daughter To Get Estranged Wife Back

Police in Tharaka-Nithi County have arrested a man who faked his kidnap to lure his estranged wife back.

Mr Godfrey Munene, 37, from Mubukuro village in Chuka was arrested by detectives on Friday in his hideout after a six-day search. He was arrested in Kamutugu village.

The boda boda rider confirmed to police that he colluded with his daughter to pretend that he was kidnapped from his house so that his wife, who abandoned them, could come back home.
“I knew my wife would come back home and help me take care of the family if she heard that I had been kidnapped and killed,” said Mr Munene.

According to his grand plan, he was to return home after receiving confirmation that his estranged wife had returned to take care of their three children.
“I work till late in the night and I am always very stressed because my children are alone since she left,” he told police.

The daughter told police that her father had coached her on what to tell neighbours and police.

Father and daughter had hoped that their carefully composed emotive message will reach the woman and prompt her to return to her ‘suffering children’
“My father got an accident while working with his motorbike and he can no longer pay my school fees. So I wanted my mother back to help him raise the money,” explained the daughter.

The man was released after he pleaded for forgiveness, but was warned against fooling the police another time.

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