Indian Father Chops Off Hands Of Teen Who Raped His 7 Months Old Daughter (Photos)

A father in India, Parminder Singh has chopped off the hands of a teen accused of raping his seven month old daughter in a revenge attack.

According to local reports, Parminder Singh, 25 , beat the 17-year old teen, tied him to a tree, and hacked off both his hands, before leaving him abandoned next to a canal near Bathinda’s Jhumba village.

The father’s actions come after the teen was accused of molesting his baby in 2014, after allegedly being caught in the act by the baby’s mother.

Indian Father Chops Off Hands Of Teen Who Raped His 7 Months Old Daughter (Photos)

Upon his arrest, the teen was sent to a juvenile remedial home as he awaited trial.

On April 19, he was making a court appearance in the Bathinda district of Punjab, when the baby’s father lured him away after purportedly offering him an out of court settlement.

A senior police officer of Bathinda said, ‘He (the father) took him near a dried up canal, beat him up badly and then tied him to a tree and finally hacked his hands off.
‘Locals alerted police and we rushed to the spot. We picked him up, his hands, and took him to the hospital.’
He confirmed the man was in a stable condition, while telling: ‘There is nothing below the wrists now.’

The police have since told they now seek to arrest the father who works as a brick kiln laborer, who they now plan to charge with attempted murder.

A report via indiatoday notes sexual assault is a prevalent problem in India, with 33,707 cases of rape reported in the country in 2013, rising from reports of 24,923 in 2012.

An estimate of 92 women raped are raped a day in India.

Nearly one in three rape victims are under the age of 18.

The country suffers from a slow, and often corrupt legal justice system, which leads many people to turn to vigilante justice.

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