Graphic photo: 300 level UNILAG student dies after drinking sniper on Saturday

In a tragic incident, it has been confirmed that a 300 level University of Lagos (Unilag) student has died after ingesting the local insecticide ‘Sniper.

Eniola Jacobs, a student of Microbiology died after almost a day of battling for his life at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). According to a source who was a course mate of his, Jacobs drank the insecticide on Saturday afternoon. The reasons for this are unknown, while some sources say he wanted to commit suicide, others claim he was forced by cultists in a bid to end his life.

No official word has been given by the school authorities as of yet. The only statement coming from the Deputy spokesperson for the University Mrs. Nonye Oguama who said
“I have heard about it, but until I get to the office tomorrow (Monday), I cannot tell what really happened.”

See the grahic photo of the young boy HERE.

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