Indian Mother Strangles 20-Year Old Daughter To Death A Night To Her Wedding For Having Affair

A young lady has been strangled by her mother the night before her wedding in India after being caught in a compromising position with their lodger.

The 20-year-old girl, known only as Mohsina, died in hospital late on Saturday night following the shocking incident, which took place in the district of Seelampur, north east Delhi.
Her mother Saeeda and brother Mohammad Yunus have however been arrested by the police.

It is understood Mohsina's mother and brother brought her to the JPN hospital, claiming she had suffered a stroke.

Hospital staff were told by Saeeda and Mohammad Yunus that they found her unconscious and that they thought it was caused by low blood pressure.

However Mohsina was allegedly suffocated with a pillow by her mother after she supposedly walked in on her with their tenant Guddu.

Realising that Mohsina had stopping breathing, her mother is thought to have called Mohsina's brother and rushed her to hospital.

Doctors became suspicious and contacted the police after noticing apparent strangulation marks around the mark of Mohsina.

The young lady died the night before her wedding day. She was going to marry a businessman in Ghaziabad.

The affair is thought to have been happening for two years, with family members suggesting that she had been forbidden to marry Guddu.

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