Missing Brit Tourist Found Dead On Top Of Metra Train Tuesday Afternoon

A dead body was found on top of a Metra Electric Line train inside the Kensington Metra yard at 123rd Street and South Indiana Avenue in West Pullman Tuesday afternoon has been identified as missing British tourist Addy Owolana.

Ademola “Addy” Owolana, 26, had been missing since early Sunday. He was last seen leaving the Low Key club, a reggae night club at 11627 S. Michigan Ave. Police and relatives had been searching for him for the last two days. A citizen of the United Kingdom and Nigeria, he was in the Chicago area to visit family in Plainfield when he got ‘drunk’ and ran down the road; the last they saw of him.

I pity his mom who has been saying she would not think otherwise and knows her son would be found alive. So so sad.

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