Gender-reveal party turns deadly – Man killed by shrapnel from cannon

Future parents are competing to host a gender-reveal party "bigger and better" than the last one they saw online…

Sadly, this trend has taken a dangerous turn. There have been a number of incidents in which people have been badly injured during the so-called celebrations. Recently, another gender-reveal party led to the tragic death of a 26-year-old man after he was struck be a cannon shell.

According to NBC News, a cannon was fired in Hartland, Michigan, and it led to a big explosion. The explosion sent bomb fragments flying towards the parking area where guests were in attendance. This is when the unnamed man was struck. He was taken to Michigan hospital in a critical condition, and later died.

The Michigan State Police report that the "canon" was lit in a family's backyard as part of the baby shower celebrations. As a result of the explosion, Michigan State Police Bomb Squad, Gaines Township Fire Department and the Med Star Ambulance were all on site.

Gender reveal parties have led to a plane crash in Texas, a big fire in Arizona and another deadly explosion in Iowa.

The plane in Texas was meant to release gallons of pink water to reveal that the baby was a girl. Instead, the plane lost altitude as it released the water. The plane was also meant for one passenger, but had two. Soon after it released the water, it crashed. Thankfully the pilot was not hurt, and the passenger only sustained small injuries.

The cases have been so extreme that the woman who started the trend, Jenna Karvunidis, has called for the end of gender-reveal parties. "I think a lot of people out there are searching for likes on the internet and it has caused a lot of problems," Jenna says.

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