Man shot dead after trying to rob motorist with toy gun

A man who brandished a toy gun and tried to rob a motorist stuck in traffic in Johannesburg, has been shot dead.

According to police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo, the victim – who was driving a Triton Mitsubishi bakkie at Stout Road next to the Faraday taxi rank – stopped at a traffic light when the man pointed the toy gun at him and demanded his cellphone.

"The victim took out his licensed firearm and shot the suspect, who was later certified dead at the scene by the paramedics. Police found a firearm at the crime scene, suspected to have been used by the suspect," Masondo said.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, told News24 that the man used a toy gun.

"The motorist was stuck in heavy traffic and talking on his cellphone. The suspect then produced a toy gun and told the motorist to hand over the phone. The motorist then pulled out his own firearm and killed the suspect," Minnaar said.

A case of armed robbery and an inquest docket have been opened for further investigation.

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