Top 20 most intelligent animals revealed – Pigeons and squirrels are on this list!

When most of us think of 'smart' animals, we think of dogs, dolphins, horses, and some rodents…

But did you know that octopuses, monitor lizards, and pigeons are also on the 'most intelligent list'?

According to this list by WatchMojo, monitor lizards! even cooperate to procure food, and are even able to count.

The way that ants coordinate their communities has astounded researchers for years, and while we may call pigeons 'winged rats', they have actually outperformed 3-year-old children in areas of cognitive development!

Watch the video above to see more of the world's top 20 most intelligent animals.

In addition, squirrels are brilliant problem solvers – just watch this YouTube clip to see how incredibly smart they are!