Experian data breach case 'now in the hands of law enforcement'

Investigations into an isolated incident which threatened to expose the data of 24 million South Africans are ongoing. 

This according to credit bureau Experian, which uses information to assess the status of customers when they apply for credit. Information disclosed by customers is shared, with consent, with other credit bureaus. 

In August, a fraudster was nabbed after managing to breach this information from Experian. In addition to putting personal details of 24 million people at risk, 793,749 businesses were also exposed. 

The suspect was identified, and the hardware and data deleted after an Anton Piller order.

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Experian said on Tuesday it had identified files they believe contain data relating to the incident on the internet. 

"We continue to investigate these files and will take all steps available to us to reduce further dissemination if possible."

A criminal case was opened last week, and the matter is "now in the hands of law enforcement," they confirmed, adding that "no sensitive consumer credit of financial information was obtained by the fraudster in this incident".

Experiena emphasised that any customers who are concerned about their data should check their credit report by visiting the My Credit Check website, which is a free service. 

The service also sends text alerts when credit enquiries are made on their credit report, which will be sent out from now until 1 March 2021. 

"Our priority remains on supporting consumers and businesses in South Africa," Experian assured customers. 

(Compiled by Nica Richards)

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