Teyana Taylor Shows Off Sexy Dance Moves In New “Hit The Floor” Trailer (Video)

Hit The floor is three seasons deep and the fourth installment is set to arrive on July 10th. The show follows highlights from the NBA’s top team and the behind-the-scenes drama that happens between the teammates, but more especially the league’s premiere dance squad, the Devil Girls, that has everyone buzzin’. With both teams not willing to settles for less, and connections growing between different couples – involving fame, money, power and sex.

In the new teaser for all the heat that’s set to come, Teyana breaks it down in a one minute video where we see her showing off some of her best moves in her Devil Girls two-piece outfit.

Outside of her television series world, Teyana still has us waiting for her upcoming album that is said to touch on a lot. “For me, it’s a little bit of everything, it’s hitting everything. I’m still not like I’m not a big uptempo girl so we still tryna find it as far as tempo, but it’s good, I’m talking about everything,” she previously stated.

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