Former Sunderland Player, Adam Johnson Found Guilty Of Child S3x Charge

The jury at Bradford Crown Court has found Adam Johnson guilty of a charge of s3xual touching, but not guilty on a charge relating to another s3xual act. The former Sunderland player had previously admitted grooming the girl and one charge of s3xual activity.

Judge Jonathan Rose has warned Johnson he faces jail and told him to "say goodbye to your daughter".

In a statement, Johnson's victim said she had been through the "hardest year" of her life.
She said meeting her hero felt "surreal" at first but she now feels "used and let down" by Johnson.
She said: "I have had to face so much abuse after he claimed his innocence and I was made out to be a liar. What happened in his car has turned my life upside down. There are people who have made assumptions about me and this has been hard to deal with... Him being found guilty shows everyone I was telling the truth."

The judge said his preliminary view was that the case falls into the category of a five-year prison sentence with a range of four to 10 years.
He said: "The defendant must understand there is a very high probability of a significant custodial sentence."

The judge told Johnson he would be released on bail so he could get his "affairs in order".
He said: "You can say goodbye to your daughter. A prison sentence will mean you will not see her for some time."

Johnson, 28, showed no emotion as the verdicts were delivered and he has been granted bail until his sentencing, which is due to take place in two to three weeks.

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