Take full control over your transport when you hire a bakkie

Bakkie's are expensive, both to buy and to keep on the road. Over the years, hiring a bakkie has become the preferred moving method for those in need of the vehicle but who don't necessarily have the need to become a full-time owner. 

Hiring comes with many benefits, and when hiring from a company like The Yellow Rental Company, you can expect the best service at the best prices. 

We've been in the business of hiring bakkies for a number of years, and we've made it our mission to ensure that every client gets the bakkie they require. Our vehicles are well-maintained and booking one is as simple as completing the online form and making your payment. 

Our fleet of bakkies includes some of the best known brands. We stock a variety of brands as well as sizes, you can find the exact bakkie to suit your requirements. 

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To help you make up your mind about hiring here are 3 reasons why so many people are choosing a rental over an outright buy. 

  1. It saves money 

The fact that finances might be a little tight doesn't change the fact that you have transport needs that can only be met with the use of a bakkie. If buying is neither an option nor a necessity at this moment, you might find a rental option is the ideal way to save money while not having to compromise on your needs. 

Not only does renting save you from having to pay out capital on a new vehicle, but you also won't have to pay for the necessary ongoing maintenance. 

  1. You have more control 

Removal companies certainly have their benefits, but they don't allow you the freedom to control exactly when and how you'd like to pack and move. Generally, you'd have to fit into their schedule and then rely on their team to do the packing and moving for you. 

With a bakkie rental, you can decide how the bakkie is packed and when you move, giving you more control over how you'd like to organise things. 

  1. You don't require special experience or licensing 

To rent a bakkie, all you need is some driving experience and a car license. There is no need to have a special license to drive your rental which is not the case if you choose to hire a trailer.

The Yellow Rental Company has branches throughout South Africa, making bakkie rentals and van hire incredibly easy for our diverse client base. You can view a selection of our bakkies and other rentals on our website and book your preferred vehicle online. Visit our website here https://bakkieandvanhire.co.za/.

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